Existence is Dualistic

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I would like to believe that the Ultimate reason for existence is the expression of Love and Peace. But, I am not convinced.

Existence is Dualistic.
For Harmony (Peace) to be experienced, Disharmony must be known.
For Love to be experienced, it’s opposite (whatever that means to you as a unique personality) must be recognised.

What if the Ultimate Reality (All That IS, God, call it whatever you want) WANTS to play the game of experiencing ALL that the concept of “Duality” has to offer?

All that IS, IS, it exists. “Love” exists and is an aspect, “Peace” is an aspect… “Hate” and “War mongering” DO exist and are therefore also aspects of All That IS.

These “aspects” Love & Hate, War & Peace, Good & Bad, Up & Down, In & Out, Before and After… are only valid concepts in this Dualistic Existence.

Ultimate Reality transcends ALL dualistic concepts. There is NO Good or Bad, there is only Wholeness (ISness) that includes the whole spectrum from as good as good can be to as bad as bad can be.

Ultimate Reality would not consider Hate and War to to be a bad things, but simply as opportunity to experience.

This is something the proponents of the idea “God is Love” cannot accept, that “God is also Hate”. They ignore their own belief of Gods Omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence by saying, Here is something that God IS NOT.

I, IS all that IS experiencing itself in infinite variety.

Infinite Variety includes the whole spectrum from the best of the best to the worst of the worst.

If you believe God must be good and could not be so cruel as to inflict bad things upon people…. Then you are looking at this from one side of the dualistic divide.



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