20 Questions

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First a little preamble…

I believe that there is NO Ultimate Purpose to Life that we should be working towards.
In the same way that some children (and many adults) can play games with No Purpose other than the momentary enjoyment of playing the game, “I” am here playing this game we refer to as “Life”.
The big difference is that children Know they are playing and, it seems, more often than not, “I” do not.

There is NO BIG PURPOSE that we are supposed to attain, this is IT, Play the Game, Right Here, Right Now!

The Game is –  “I”, is All That Is experiencing itself in Infinite Variety.  And to make the Game more intense, forget that it is a game. By forgetting, “I” become so lost in the Game that “I” get the maximum experience of the highs and lows of playing, “I” can really feel the euphoria of the highs and the pain of the lows.


Notice that “I” is in quote marks, this is because there is nothing personal about the meaning of “I” as in “You and I”. “I” as it is used here refers to every sentient beings experience of itself as “I” – The experiencer behind the personality. The word “Personality” derives from the Latin word “persona” which means “mask”. Literally, a “persona” was the mask that actors wore on stage.

– When you take off your mask “personality”, who are you?


Now, let’s get to the questions and my answers 🙂


1. Why is there poverty and suffering in the world?

A. Because that is part of the game “I” is playing. An aspect of The Game includes “Duality”, the opposites of dualistic existence includes Rich and Poor, Satiated and Hungry….


2. What is the relationship between science and religion?

A. The Game includes the aspects of science and religion, including the sub-aspects of antagonism, opposition, co-operation, integration, etc., etc.


3. Why are so many people depressed?

A. Because depressed is one of the roles “I” plays in the game, (wearing the mask of depressed persona). Depression is an aspect of Infinite Variety to be experienced.


4. What are we all so afraid of?

A. Who says we are ALL afraid?


5. When is war justifiable?

A. War and Peace are aspects of Infinite Variety to be experienced, Plus, the Duality aspect of the game dictates that you cannot have one without the other.


6. How would God want us to respond to aggression and terrorism?

A. Leaving aside for now the question of “What do you mean by the word God?”… Exactly the way we do respond.


7. How does one obtain true peace?

A. One does not “obtain” peace. Peace is already present in complete fullness, If One is not experiencing peace, then One just has to throw out all the crap it is buried under.


8. What does it mean to live in the present moment?

A. There is only the present moment. If you can live in any other moment than the present one, then… Congratulations, you have invented Time Travel.
Joking aside, what it means is paying attention to what is going on here and now rather than ruminating over memories of things past or worrying over the future.


9. What is our greatest distraction?

A. There are no distractions. What we call distractions are simply aspects of the game “I” is playing.


10. Is current religion serving its purpose?

A. Of course it is, how could it not. Remember… experiencing Infinite Variety and all that.


11. What happens to you after you die?

A. Who are you? Seriously, before answering “What happens to You” we have to know what “You” is.  In this case “You” is the persona “the mask”. When “You” die the mask is removed and “I” is.


12. Describe heaven and how to get there.

A. This is dualistic thinking. Heaven and Hell and Here and There…  There is no THERE to get to.


13. What is the meaning of life?

A. See above in my preamble.


14. Describe God.

A. Sure thing… First you give me your definition of God and I will describe what you are defining.


15. What is the greatest quality humans possess?

A. Hey, we are here and we are perfect. We do not need more than that?


16. What is it that prevents people from living to their full potential?

A. Nothing. Everybody is living to their full potential. “I” chooses the skills and limitations of the persona as part of the game, just as children playing will choose to be the cops or robbers in their game.


17. Noverbally, by motion or gesture only, act out what you believe to be the current condition of the world.

A. Ok finished. What do you think of my performance 🙂


18. What is your one wish for the world?

A. That this aspect of the game continues to its conclusion…. Rather a pointless wish, because it cannot do other than that.


19. What is wisdom and how do we gain it?

A. The attempt to gain wisdom is wisdom in action, therefore we already have what we attempt to gain.


20. Are we all one?

A. No we are not all “One”, this is dualistic thinking. What we are is “Not Two”.
Now, who can explain what I mean by that answer 🙂