Common Sense

Rough draft…


If “Common Sense” is simply seeing things as they are and doing things as they ought to be done… then “Common Sense” is NOT as common as it should be.

If “Common Sense” is not Common, then it has to be LEARNT. My opinion is that “Common Sense” is one hundred percent learned behaviour!

So! How does someone learn “Common Sense”? Simply WATCH and LEARN, observe what works and what doesn’t work for others.

Here are a few things that Work 🙂

1. Promises are sacred.

It is “Common Sense” to maintain your Integrity – Be someone people can trust. Keep your word, do what you say you will do. NEVER make promises you are not sure you can follow through on.

2. Know when to say no.

Everybody has boundries and tolerence limits. You know what you can and cannot handle and which behaviors are unacceptable in other people. If you are uncomfortable you must confidently and clearly say “No, this is not acceptable”.

3. Don’t poison your body.

It is “Common Sense” that smoking, getting drunk, living on junk food or binge eating are stupid things to do, yet so many people lack the Common Sense to REALLY realise this. People with Common Sense honor their bodies.

4. Follow through

Most successesful actions are down to showing up and sticking around. People with Common Sense are in it for the long haul. They don’t give up at the first signs of problems and they know that sometimes, to be successful, solve a problem or gain a new skill that you just need to spend more time on it. People with Common Sense complete projects instead of abandoning them.

5. Don’t “network” or build a relationship just because you want something from others.

“Networking” is sleasy. It is “Using” people for your own benefit. Yes, the other party may also benefit from their networking with you, but the motive on both sides is “Profit”.

On the other hand, the benefits of true friendships are endless. Make real friends, because it gives rise to genuine, meaningful human interaction.

6. Don’t tolerate bad behaviour or make excuses for people.

Tolerating or making excuses for other peoples unacceptable behavior is not the same as being kind, forgiving or nonjudgmental. It’s just a STUPID waste of time and energy. And, it may end up with causing you more problems than anybody should ever have to deal with.

If someone behaves badly and there is no sign of redemption, for the sake of your own wellbeing forgive them, but also, run as fast as you can away from them. Don’t waste time on dysfunctional relationships. It is much better to surround yourself with nurturing relationships.

7. It’s ok to change your mind.

Many people try to trick us into thinking that changing your mind “flip-flopping” is a bad thing. (Don’t blame them, they were themselves tricked into believing it).
Stubbornly sticking with something against all odds… is not a virtue. People with Common Sense are able to be objective, able to assess situations and weigh up the pros and cons of different viewpoints. This gives them the freedom to change their minds if necessary after re-evaluation of the situation. That is called learning!

8. Sometimes it is just Common Sense to delay gratification.

It is Human nature to want what we want, NOW.  Delayed gratification means making sacrifices in the present in order to obtain a greater future reward.

9. Common Sense says, “don’t buy things with money you don’t have”.

If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. Period.

Hands up all those who think THAT is not plain “Common Sense”.
Very few will admit to disagreeing… So, WHY do so many have problems with debt?

10. It is Common Sense to be flexible in your plans for the future.

Have a plan. But also have the Common Sense to recognize that being rigid is not useful. Unexpected opportunities or setbacks can always crop up and it’s important to accept change. Go with the flow.


“Common sense” is simply seeing things as they are; and doing things as they ought to be done.

Very few people will disagree with this “Common Sense” list. But when you look at the way people behave it becomes obvious that “Common Sense” is actually quite  rare.

In other words… People give “lip service” to Common Sense, but when it comes to action…

“After all is said and done, more is said than done.” –Aesop