Internet Marketing <=> Regurgitated Crap

Have all the people with BRAINS abandoned Internet Marketing?

Ok, Lets change that to, “Have ALMOST all the people with BRAINS abandoned….”, there are still a few around with common sense 🙂

I remember…

There used to be more real products being advertised, I’m not talking about marketing “picks and shovels” stuff, I mean REAL PRODUCTS that people actually used when they were NOT sitting at their computer.

There were on-line stores selling stuff to people to use in their everyday life, shoes, books, candles, televisions, fur coats, snow chains, wardrobes, stuffed toys, etc. etc.

Then it seems everybody and their dog realised it took WORK to sell this stuff, it was easier to sell the “picks and shovels” stuff.

so now we have… people sitting at their computer trying to sell stuff to other people to use when sitting at their computer trying to sell stuff to other people sitting…..

What is “picks and shovels” about?
The term originated back in the 1800’s during the California gold rush. There were thousands of people prospecting for gold. Just like Internet marketing now, not very many struck it rich.

But something else happened along the way. Some people figured out there was another way, a more reliable way to make a good living, and possibly to make a lot of money from the gold rush. Instead of prospecting they set up business selling those prospectors the tools they needed… “picks and shovels”.
End side-note.

So now in Internet Marketing, we have LOTS of people selling “picks and shovels” to each other. But are they being USED.

I remember when there were PRODUCTS and SERVICES (picks and shovels) being sold that people ACTUALLY USED. The businesses selling these Products and Services tended to pay a commission on sales, a Reward to advertisers in order to make more sales.

What is going on now…

For many people “The Reward” has become the whole point, the product or service is not important.

Over the last couple of years I have asked quite a few people what the “Product or Service” is of a site they are promoting…

Most DID NOT KNOW, and of the very few that did actually know, only ONE told me that they used it and how good it was.

AND what about the launching of NEW GOOD Products and Services – WHERE are they?

Products and Services are getting launched with monotonous regularity – but launches of products and services that are actually NEW and GOOD are EXTREMELY rare.

The majority are just a huge waste of time and money. – No that does not say it…

Most of the the new products and services launched are Crap. – There that says it better.

Many of them are regurgitated Crap. An old product (maybe slightly altered) dressed up in new packaging.

Many of them are products or services that people either don’t need or don’t know how to use.

But hey, Many people have NO IDEA what they are paying for anyway. They are not buying because they want to use, only so they can sell and profit.

Most of the affiliates selling this Crap do not give a damn about the whether it is any good or not, they are only interested in making money.

And when they have milked the money out of sales from one piece of Crap launch – they drop it and move on to the next new Crap launch.

I guess this is just another facet of the times we live in. Everything is disposable, doesn’t even seem to matter whether an item is still good and usable, just throw it away and get a new one “because it is a different colour”…

or in the case of Internet Marketing because it is easier to make money promoting a new (regurgitated crap) product…

just hype up the sales pitch to tell people they can make money with this “Shiny New Product” and they will “conveniently” forget that they previously paid for perfectly usable PRODUCTS that do exactly the same thing and that they have never probably never used.

Museums put on show “Treasures” from times gone by, from the “Stone Age”, “Iron Age”, “Bronze Age”, etc.

I wonder what “Treasures” this Disposable Age we live in will be known for?


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  1. I agree. I also long for the days that people surfed for traffic and not for money only. However its seems the only thing most people want. It is hard to compete when you don’t pay people for surfing.

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